What is Quick connector AC?

2024-01-08 15:19

Use quick connector to connect the indoor and outdoor units of an air conditioner in a simple way. Being quick and safe means enjoying a complete right of warranty claim. A quick conector is a closed system with an automatic safety valve. The break-over of refrigerant cannot be done until the connector between the indoor and outdoor units is sealed in order to avoid the danger of refrigerant leakage.

The safety avoids the refrigerant operations such as pipe exhaust and system filling

The purchase of this product is always integratedwith the maintaining and operation done by aqualified operator

Please read and follow the following provisions:

1) Please carefully spread the pipeline. Be sure toexecute this step with great care.

2) Please remove the protective caps of connectorsA1 and A2 of indoor unit.

3) Please ensure that every bolt is in a good condition and without dirty particles such as dust and sand or any other suspended solid and dirt.

4) Please use your hands to screw down the QuickPipe Connectors 1 and 2 to the connectors A1 and A2. After that, use two wrenches (one for fixing the connectors and the other one for screwing down the quick pipe connectors) to screw the nuts till the nonreturn circles. Repeat this step for all the connecting pieces.

Notice! Please notice that it is necessary to connect the connectors and the valves in an accurate and good way.

5)Please remove the protective caps from the stopvalves, connect the pipe to connectors of the outdoor unit.

6)Use a hexagon wrench to completely off the Valves and open the stop valves for refrigerant cycle

7) Please check the closure and air tightness of refrigerant cycle of the device. Use leakage detecting spray or soap suds (used for producing foam) to checkthe connecting structures. The appearance of air bubbleswill mean the existence of leakage. In this case, it is amust to close the 2 stop valves. Check the connectingstructure and repeat Step 68) After detecting the leakage, it is a must to screw down the protective caps of the stop valves again. In addition, it is necessary to do the insulated isolation for the quickconnectors in order to avoid condensation.