Midea Releases Efficient and Flexible New Atom T Series

2023-08-31 14:10

In order to meet the energy savings and emission reduction requirements and to provide customers with more comfortable and energy-saving products. Midea Building  Technologies (MBT) has expanded the application of its VRF products. Midea has combined the technical advantages of VRF and heat pumps to create and launch a new Atom T. Atom T uses R32, an environmentally friendly refrigerant, and offers one-stop solution for space heating/cooling and DHW.

While ensuring comfort and reducing initial investment costs, a set of products can meet the needs of air conditioning + hot water + heating for the whole family, providing a one-stop solution for modern families. Atom T, a hybrid innovation of VRF and ATW heat pump that comes with a variety of applications to meet the diverse needs of global customers.

Gree has developed its Ultra Heat GMV6 HR and Ultra Heat GMV6 Mini for the North American market. By adopting Gree’s unique cold startup control technology and EVI technology with dual superheat combined control, these units can reliably operate at –30ºC and the heating capacity at –20ºC is up to 100%.

 Thanks to the integrated design, the Ultra Heat GMV6 HR can be flexibly used as a heat pump or heat recovery system, reducing customers’ inventory and storage pressure. It utilizes an independent partition heat exchanger, and offers simultaneous cooling and heating efficiency (SCHE) of up to 30.

The Ultra Heat GMV6 Mini adopts Gree’s self-developed two-cylinder two-stage compressor and intelligent load adaptive control technology, providing users with a comfortable and energy-saving heating experience.